Monday, March 3, 2008

Our First Blog

So my great friend Abby Horrell has introduced me to and I have to say that this is all very new to me, so all who are reading...please be understanding if you find all the things I write about completely boring.

Tyler, my wonderful husband, is at a very exciting place in life. He is right in the beginning of following his father's footsteps in pursuing a career in Law Enforcement with the Great State of Texas! He leaves in 27 days to go to Austin where his training to be a Highway State Trooper will all begin. We are both very excited about the opportunity that Tyler has been given to move right into the career of his dreams! March 30th is the big day where he will travel down to Austin and begin the training school. The training will last until September 26, 2008. I look forward to that very day because I will watch him walk across the stage as a Recruit graduate in full uniform, as a commissioned peace officer. This is what Tyler has wanted to do since he was a little boy and to be able to watch him succeed in his dreams and achieve his personal goals is such a blessing for me. I am so excited to be a part of his pursuing his career with the passion he has for it. No doubt, those 26 weeks aren't going to be easy for him, as he will undergo a lot of physical and emotional stress. I have no doubt that he will get through it with great success. I also look for forward to September 26th being the day of his return, because that also will mark the 2nd year we have had together as a couple, and I think that will just make the day extra special for me! (Our first date was September 26, 2006)

I will continue to work here in Abilene and look forward to the weekends when Tyler will be off (lucky for me, he does get the weekends off and even a few holidays here and there)

I feel like I have a lot of things to look forward too this year, and I understand that there will some "not so favorable" times, but I am trying to remain positive in knowing that by the end of 2008 so much growth will have taken place in our lives.

It is crazy to think that Sunday, March 9th marks 3 months since Tyler and I were married. It seems like time goes by so quickly. These past three months have been the best three months of my life and I know that as time goes on, life will get better and better!

Well thats the first blog...

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