Thursday, March 6, 2008


December 9, 2007
A Day to Remember!

I wanted to post a few pictures, mostly because I am really trying to get better at posting our pictures online. Plus its fun to be able to look at pictures while at work. I promise I do work when I am at work. I really do.

This photo (to the left) was one of my favorites from the wedding. Mostly because you can't really see the difference in our height as much because I am standing on the step above the one that Tyler is on. No one knows that though because of my dress. Well now everyone knows. Well everyone who reads this post, which is actually probably not many!

The photo on the right is one of my favorites from the wedding! It has all of our closest friends in it. We were so lucky to have such an incredible group of people in our wedding. A special thanks to Norman Trihn who traveled all the way back from Spain to be with us on our special day. That is a true friend! Everyone in our bridal party could not have been more loving to us and excited for us. We are truly blessed by AMAZING friends and GREAT family!

Anyone who has ever met me knows that I love the Ladies of Sigma Alpha very dearly. I was so honored to have them come and support Tyler and I on our special day. I have to say that I consider each girl in this picture a sister a for life (and of course I also consider everyone in Sigma Alpha a sister, even if they aren't in the picture!!)

Of course if I am going to love on Sigma Alpha, I have to love on Theta too. We were so glad to have them be apart of our wedding as well. Theta is special to both Tyler and I, so we were so excited that they were able to come and enjoy our day with us as well.

This picture really is one of my favorites from the reception. Chelsea, the hot red head that is about 3 feet in the air grabbing for the bouquet. She was successful in her fight to be the one to catch the bouquet. Her mad basketball skills really helped her in this endeavor. They say pictures are worth a thousand words. I say they are worth a lot of laughs as well. Chelsea, heres to you my friend.

There are several other pictures that I have that I will post later. I am tired of posting pictures for today. I hope that everyone enjoys looking at them!

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Jules said...

I want to see all of your wedding pics!!! We need a date soon! Love you!