Wednesday, March 5, 2008

The Biggest Loser

I really think that it is probably fair to say that all of us have a favorite television show that they watch, or record to watch every week. Tyler and I are no exception to this. The Biggest Loser comes on Tuesday nights and you can rest assured that we have not missed an episode. We plan our Tuesday evenings around the two hour long, life changing, reality series show. I never thought that I would be one to really get hooked on one particular television show, seeing as how I never watched Friends or Seinfeld religiously like all my close friends did. Ever since I outgrew Saved By the Bell, Family Matters, Home Improvement, and Full House, I thought my addiction to television sitcoms were long gone. Then reality TV comes back and I can watch people literally loose an entire small child in body weight. It amazes me to watch these people's lives change because of the healthy decisions they are making. Don't get me wrong, any of us would lose the weight we wanted too if we spent over 8 hours a day being very active and had personal trainers like Bob and Jillian. I still can't break away from the TV during those 2 hours because every week I am so shocked by the change that takes place when they begin to make healthier lifestyle decisions. I just had to throw it out there, that Tyler and I both enjoy this show, probably way too much.

Enough about TV. I am getting so excited for the Spring season to be here. The weather right now drives me crazy. 77 and perfect one day. 30 and snowing the next. 66 the next day with a little wind. We have to keep our summer/spring/winter/fall closets all out at once, and I hate having a closet that is just overflowing....(yeah right!!) I am excited about Spring though, I have a lot to look forward too. I have 2 GREAT friends who are getting married and that I have the honor of being in their wedding in the summer months, so this spring I hope to be helping them out with all their plans. I know from just being married 3 months ago how much help another warm body can be in the planning processes!

So Libby and Abby: I am ready and available for your services. Ryan and Cody are lucky Men...and have many years of happiness awaiting them!

Well I think this is all for now!

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