Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Looking Forward...Not backward

It has been a while since I last apology is due to my faithful I am sorry! I had Jenny, with PinkArmchairDesigns designing a new blog page for your viewing pleasure...don't you love it?! I do!

Time has actually been going by fairly fast for us, and for now thats a good thing. 2008 holds a lot in store for us to look forward too, so thats what we are doing. Looking forward to what happens next.

It seem as if a lot has happened lately, Tylers closest friend and cousin, Trevor Watson proposed to his girlfiend, Grace Brazile. We are so excited for them! Grace is going to make an lovely addition to the family, and all of us are so thrilled. Last we had heard they were planning to have their Wedding Ceremony on January 3, 2009! Its amazing how fast the next few months of their lives will pass by! We are looking forward to the next chance we get to see them! So that is an event we are looking forward too!

Speaking of weddings...we will be attending a few this summer. It is so neat to watch God work in the relationships of our friends. Abby and Cody are getting married on July 5th. We will be there, in the big city of Hereford as they "take the plunge" and become the Neinest Family (ok i am so sorry if I didn't spell the name right!!) Then, not long after that Ryan and Libby will tie the knot on August 2nd. We will again be traveling to another big city...Clyde,TX for this wedding. We have been waiting a long time for this one, as they have dated the longest out of any our friends! So until then, its showers and planning and preparing!

Tyler's sister, Jacy, is headed out on a nice vacation in just two weeks! I am so jealous! Her boyfriend, Brian and his family are taking Jacy with them to the Virgin Islands for a nice little rest and relaxation after his taking a very stressful Certified Financial Planner exam a few weekends back. They are both looking forward to that trip, and even though we are jealous...we hope they have a fun time while they are there!

As far as the Academy goes, Tyler is to no surprise doing GREAT. He is enjoying the challenges he faces everyday...and overcoming them. He is enjoying what he is learning, and he is retaining it all too. He has made pretty much all A's so far on tests that he has been given. He is in the middle of his 3rd week. He says he feels like he is really getting used to the routine they have them in every day. He has also made some good friendships with those guys that he is going through the Academy with. I feel like I know some of them myself! I prayed a lot for his making good solid friendships with the guys he is working with. I feel like that makes the process easier and more enjoyable for him. He has spelling words every week that he has to learn how to spell correctly and have a full understanding of the defintions of these words. This week, while I am at home, I have been writing out the words and the definitions on notecards to make the studying a little easier on him. It turns out he has so much information to learn its unreal! I mean, I feel like he is even going to end up being fluent in spanish! Here is a picture of the notebook he has put together. Please remember, he has only been there a little over 3 weeks, and he brought this home to show me after he completed his second full week.

When he showed me this notebook I was amazed, but when you think about it, law enforcement officers have to know so many things, especially state law enforcement officers. They have to have an understanding of the legal system so in depth, I much is crammed into these 6 months. I can really see now how the 6 months time period they have to train gets used to the max. They learn so much.

We very much enjoy our weekends together. Those few days of the week teach us not to take any second of our time together for granted. We are making it through, the both of us, with big smiles on our faces still! See!

This was even right before he was about to head out on Sunday afternoon, and we were both still smiling! I know it seems like in every picture Tyler is wearing the same thing. Well he has too. Its his "uniform" for now! I think green shirts and a bald head are cute on him! ha!
Well that is all for now! I promise to keep up better on my updating now that its designed so cute!

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