Tuesday, December 22, 2009

11 months old!


You are 11 months old! Everyday I wake up and think that you are more a more toddler like little girl. Its been nothing but fun to watch you learn new things and see you expressing yourself so much more! When I watch you play I can just see those little wheels turning in your head as you try to figure out how your toys work!

It seems lately that you keep getting taller, but not that much heavier. We are always dealing with pants being the right length (18 month clothes) and then being huge in the waist. This is a foreign problem for me, but we are doing our best to keep you in clothes that fit...somewhat...at least!

We are getting so excited about your first Christmas! We had the best time with you while we celebrated Thanksgiving with you for the first time, and we know that Christmas is going to be extra special as well. Starting from your first Christmas we will tell you what it is all about. You will hear why our family celebrates this time of year. We hope that this is the first year of all the years of your life that you begin understanding the story of the birth of our savior, and we hope that each year that story will bring more meaning to your life.

This Christmas you are our most precious gift. The most precious gift we could have ever been given. If it is even possible, we love you more each morning we wake. Thank you to God for the joy you have brought us this Christmas season.

We love you sweet girl,

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