Friday, December 4, 2009

Sick Again

Well something must be going on in Brownwood, Texas. Anslee got sick for the first time 3 weeks ago. Guess what? We are sick again. We basically had the same story as last time. I noticed a runny nose on Monday. I was immediately cautious of it, because I remembered how the runny nose was the beginning of the domino effect of illness on Anslee. That evening, I gave her the benadryl, and she slept great, and I did not see another runny nose again until we picked her up from Tyler's parents house on Thursday morning. Luckily, we had been to the Doctor on Wednesday for a regular check up and he said her ears looked much better from when we had taken her in when she got sick last time. She got her flu shot too. Any how, on Thursday when we picked her up, I saw the runny nose and thought, ok. more benadryl? So I gave her some, and she slept great Thursday night. Today when I went in to get her out of bed, her nose was VERY runny. I knew this was going to be a rough start to the day. I called the doctor first thing this morning. It took 42 times for me to get through to him. It was worth it though, because I actually got to speak to him. He phoned in a prescription for an antibiotic and we got started on it. Still keeping with the benadryl, baby vicks, humidifier and bulb syringing her nose. (needless to say, I was very busy today.)

All day she acted a little down, and certainly not her usual smiling and happy self. Well at bed time we went through our normal routine, and after her last feeding, it all came up. I was covered from the top of my hair to the tips of my toes. It had to have been a weeks worth of food that came up.

To my surprise, there was no crying. No crying at all. She threw up and clearly felt better as she flashed a very much missed smile at me and then wanted to get down. Well we washed her down, changed her clothes, loved on her some and put her straight to bed. We learned our lesson from last time. Do not try to feed again. That will result in being covered in vomit for a 2nd time in one night.

I am expecting a hungry early riser tomorrow. Hoping that she feels better and gets the good restful sleep she needs.

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The Myers said...

Oh Shea! Sorry to hear that Anslee is sick again. No fun! :( I hope she is feeling much better now. Thankfully, Camryn's cold stayed just a cold, but I know our time is coming. :)