Sunday, October 24, 2010

The Pregnant Pumpkin's Shoes.

Don't let the title confuse you. Its just my way of saying this post is a melting pot of random pictures and updates!

I am not very crafty. I wish I was more creative so badly, so, I have decided to do what kinds of crafts with Anslee that I could actually come up with up. With it being Fall, and Halloween quickly approaching, it has made the "coming up with ideas" a tad bit easier for me.

Here is something a bit thrown together and random that I thought would be fun and easy to do with not-so-baby girl.

I found some small orange plates for $1.00 a wal mart. I immediately though a pumpkin could be easily constructed out of an orange plate!

I thought, well, cutting out shapes for the face of the pumpkin would be great for practice in the process. She loved it, and hearing her say "ty nangle" for "triangle" makes this mama so proud!

We (Ok, I) cut out triangles for the eyes and nose and squares for the teeth. I only assisted with the glue stick and pasting them too the plate though. She made it clear that I was only to help with those parts.

For the most part, her attention was well kept during our little project. She may have gotten a little off track at times...but had a blast to say the least!

All done and so proud!

As the title of this post would note, I decided to lump several things into one blog. I usually do not have enough interesting things to say to be able to do that, and I still don't this time, but thought I would throw some randomness into the post.

Here I am at 27 weeks along with Anslee's sweet sister, Kensington Kay.

This little one kicks. I mean she moves and punches and rolls and twirls about all day long. All night long. It was about at this point in the pregnancy with Anslee that I started to finally fill out my maternity clothes. Ha! What a joke that would be this time around!

On to a very important subject matter for all girls. Shoes. People, Anslee cannot help that she is already a shoe fanatic. Shoes can make the outfit. Here are a couple of cute shoes that she had to have.

Apparently sparkle is a must for the feet of little girls right now. I love it!

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