Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Whats the Buzz all about?

Anslee of course! In her bumblebee costume for Halloween!

What fun we had dressing up this year! We had 3 opportunities to be a bumblebee this Halloween season.

She wore her costume to Wee Kids the Wednesday before Halloween, when they had their fall festival/carnival for all the little ones. She is so blessed to be able to be apart of such a wonderful Mothers Day Out program. She has grown leaps and bounds by being in the program. They have wonderful directors, teachers, helpers, and classmates! I feel like she is reaping so many benefits from going twice a week.

Here she is wondering why Mommy is hanging around at school.

On their way to the Carnival. They all hold on to the ring to stay in a line whenever they leave the classroom.

Look at what a fun carnival they put on for the kids!

Playing toddler Ski Ball with her buddy, Caleb, who was Santa Clause this year for Halloween!

Enjoying some of the treats they got from the carnival!

Our whole family was able to go the Church wide fall festival the day before Halloween as well. We were so excited that daddy got to join us this year, as last year he had patrol duty! We had a blast and there was a huge turn out this year!

Playing games with Daddy!

They even had a mini bounce house

The First Baptist Church in Coleman, where Tyler's parents attend, also had a Fall Festival that we went too. We had so much fun there too!

She won 1st place in the costume contest!

Next Halloween, I will have an almost 3 year old and an almost 1 year old. Whoa. We have a lot to look forward too in the next year!

Now, on to Thanksgiving where candy is not as big of a deal, but comfort food is!

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Amber Ruth said...

oh my goodness...she is just so adorable!! i love her lil bee costume!!