Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Holiday Pictures!

I look forward to holiday pictures every single year. Tyler and I have done a Christmas card each year since we have been married, and have always had pictures made for the cards. Now that we have Anslee, holiday pictures have become just another way to watch her grow from year to year. What a special and simple tradition that I will always treasure!

Here are some of the holiday pictures that we are not using on the card, but that we took and love anyway. Tyler's cousin Courtney has a nice camera, so while our family got together over the Thanksgiving holidays, she let her brother Trevor use the camera (in her absence) to snap a few shots of us. I think both Trevor and Courtney ought to look into photography. They both take great pictures!

She was not cooperating at this point.

...and I will end this post with a picture of how our photo session started.

Thank you Watson Cousins for your taking the time to take our pictures and for letting us use your super cool camera. We could not love them more!


Ronnie and Christen said...

Shea all the pics are so cute!! I look forward to seeing your christmas card every year! I love to watch your family grow!! Love you Moses'!!

Jules said...

I love these! Ans just keeps getting cuter and cuter!