Friday, December 10, 2010

Table for 3 please!

Do you know this guy?

If you don't, you should!

He is a Trooper (in more ways than one!)

He is this little girl's first true love

He is such a family man

He leads these Crazy Kids in a Bible Study every Wednesday night

and he chose ME to be his bride just over 3 years ago. How lucky am I?

December 9, 2007 was the day we made a promise and became husband and wife. It was beyond perfect. Everything was straight out of my dreams. Including Tyler.

To celebrate 3 lovely years together we were going to go on a cruise. Then we realized we needed a minivan to accommodate our happily growing family, so thats where the cruise fund went instead.

Don't worry though! We had a great dinner for 3 on anniversary #3 and it was perfect. Here is who I dined with on December 9, 2010.

A cruise would have been nice, but celebrating this way was most certainly unforgettable and I could not have enjoyed the day any more than I did.

Happy Anniversary Tyler! You could not make this wife and mommy any happier! I love you.


Amber Ruth said...

such a sweet post! happy anniversary!! soon you will be saying table for 4!

The Myers said...

Awe! That is soooo sweet. Happy Anniversary you two.

Jules said...

Happy Belated Anniversary! This is so cute - love y'all!