Thursday, December 16, 2010

When you have a toddler...

When you have a toddler:

Your refridgerator space is taken up by milk and apple juice

You really do starting spelling words to other adults instead of just saying them.

You go to bed at like 8 pm, and are so excited too!

Poop and boogers are among the hot conversation topics with other mommy friends.

Your camera needs to always be a hands reach away.

You learn a new language, most of which you must translate to those who live outside of your home.

You don't apologize for your house being a mess, its just understood by guests that it will be.

You clean up the same sticky messes, sometimes several times a day.

You know the words to all the theme songs on Nick Jr.

The only things in your house that have a "place" are sharp and unsafe items.

You celebrate the little things.

You fit in a shower when possible, and make-up only happens on an off day.

Family Traditions take on an entirely new meaning.

Shopping for Christmas is the most fun it has ever been.

Nap time still rules the day!

All of a sudden they have an opinion! And you know what it is!

Picking which restaurant to go is based not on what you want to eat, but the kids menu.

The potty is a scary and haunting thing to think about.

The pitter pat of little feet is sound you don't ever want to forget.

You are blessed every single day!

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