Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Her Nursery!

At 35 weeks, my need to nest finally settled in. Or maybe it was just that I was thinking:

I have a birthday party to plan

I have 5 the very most left before Kensington needs a functional room.

Holidays = some time where Tyler can help me!

I won't be able to physically do much more from this point on. I am huge.

So here is the outcome of our labor of love for this little one!

We found this little treasure (the distressed frame), and thought we could add some twine, photographs (that are easily interchangeable), and some clothespins to make her room a little unique.

The jury is still out on the crosses that are hung on either side. I feel like I can find something I love more, but until the perfect item/items come along...they will have to do.

I found this idea off of this blog. We changed it a little though. The blog has you print out the paper and pick a font you like for the letters, but we ran into these already done letter frames at Hobby Lobby. It ended up costing almost the exact same (but clearly being a lot less work) to use the frames that were already made and simply adding our own scrapbook paper behind them.

They hang right over her sweet crib. Where she will lay her sweet head. (Hopefully a lot!)

Although Anslee's room is as different from this room as can be, this was her glider chair. It ended up working with what we chose for Kensington's room so we went with it. I am glad we did. This is where Kensington and I will spend many hours feeding. Just like I did with her big sister :)

Here is a close up of the changing table/dresser/hutch that is still missing the changing pad. I know. We are getting on that ASAP, as that is one item that will get more use than I even want to begin thinking about again.

I can't believe we will have a sweet girl to fill this room up in such a short amount of time. At least now we are step closer to being ready to welcome her into the family, and into her home!


The Myers said...

So stinkin' cute! Love it all! And I'm sure Kensington will as well. :)

Jules said...

I love this room so much! I am not even kidding that I want this decor in my room. Miss K will have good taste after growing up in such a cute room! :)

Amber Ruth said...

so cute, i love the letter idea with the rod!