Monday, December 27, 2010


Remember this hysterical tragedy from Anslee's 1st Christmas (11 months old, 2009)

We worried that we would have a repeat of that in 2010. We were wrong! We did a little bit better. She started to scream at first, but we were able to distract her...but not enough to get one of her sweet smiles.

Anslee added these to our Christmas tree this year. We just can't believe we have had 2 blessed Christmas seasons with her now!



This one she made at school.

We are exhausted from the holidays, but clearly that's a sign that we had fun and made lots and lots of memories again during Christmas 2010.

This is how I found Anslee when we came home from our last Christmas celebration

I feel like that is a sure sign of a Christmas well done!

In all honesty, 2010 has been a hard year. Sure we have had our joys and blessings that are eternally grateful for, but our family is looking forward to a new start in

We celebrated the birth of our savior with a birthday cake, lots of gifts for one another, and of course quality time with our families.

Hope your holiday season was a blessed one! Here is to what is to come in 2011

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