Tuesday, April 19, 2011

3 months!

Kensington is 3 Months old today!

It seems to me like the past 3 months have been so slow moving but so quick too.


Sweet girl. You are growing before our very eyes. You smile all the time. It takes no effort to get to you to grin! We love it and could watch you all day long. Your hair still stands straight up and there is just nothing that we can do to get it to lay down nicely. Just like everything about you, your hair will do what it will.

You have grown to love your bath. It is one of my favorite times a day with you!

Naps! You have also grown into loving your naps! This news excites your mama more than you will ever know! At one month old, I never knew when I would be able to get to take your very necessary naps during the day. Now, you are on the ever loved predictable routine, and life has been *more* smooth sailing than before! We even put you down awake and let you find sleep on your own. You have come so far and we are beyond proud!

You are still a nursing champ and can eat with the very best of them. We are so glad that eating has never been a battle. Precious girl, you are just a regular porker. We love it.


you are SLEEPING THROUGH THE NIGHT! Mommy could not be more proud. Or more rested! 11-12 hours you have been sleeping. You usually cry out for that silly paci 1 time and we will slip it right back in your mouth and back to dreamland you go.

You might be the most spirited baby that there ever has been! We love your spunk.

You are clearly teaching us so much and we feel so blessed to have had you for 3 lovely months!

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The Shull Family said...

Hey Shea!! I sat down to check on some of my favorite blogger buddies blogs and saw that you have a Kensington too????!!! I guess it's been since Christmas since I've checked. Too funny! Two Shea (Shay)s and two Kensingtons :). (Cuteness must be in the name because your Kensington is cute too!)