Wednesday, April 6, 2011

March 19th

March 19th dated our Kensington as 2 months old! Wow. What a journey she has taken us on these past 2 months.


Even though you have had some rough moments...

You are still a gift, a blessing, and a sweet joy.

You are a 11 lbs at 2 months old and growing by the minute! We just stay amazed at how you change and grow so quickly! We find a new "love" roll somewhere on you every single day and we think it just means there is more of you to squeeze and we eat all your cuteness right up!

You focus on mommy, daddy, and big sister Anslee so well now. We saw your first intentional smile at 5 weeks and 6 days old. Your daddy and I were playing and talking with you and you just looked up at us with that huge, beautiful smile of yours. We even captured it on camera!

Oh thank Heaven for the iphone! Perfect moments like that might not have been caught without that little gadget that seems to never leave mommy's reach!

God knew mama needed to see that smile, so he sent it straight to your face to warm my heart.

Would you know that you took your mama by complete surprise when I found that somewhat enjoy spending time on your tummy? You are so strong sweet angel!

What a special treat we had this month! One of Mommy's sweetest friends came down to meet you! She brought along her little man, Jack, who is just the most handsome guy you ever laid your sweet eyes on! You and him and your BFF Addison had lunch together. Precious Addison was the only one left with any energy to stay awake!

We just think Jack is too hot to trot and we hope he comes back real soon.

Mommy has kept you busy exercising! What fun stroller strength class is! You get to laugh at mommy doing silly things like lunges and squats while you learn to count, the days of the week, months of the year, and all kinds of fun nursery rhymes. You have met lots of new friends while getting in tip top shape with mommy. Mommy has made some new friends too!

Thank goodness for the spring like weather, I can already tell you are going to be a girl after your sisters heart and love the outdoors. We sure are enjoying the fresh air and we think you love to be out and about.

We are still working on getting your routine down, but feel good that you will settle into it when you are good and ready.

We would not complain, my sweet non sleeping little chunk, if you had a change of heart and decided it was time to sleep through the night. In fact we might just not know what to do with ourselves when the day arrives that you do!

You still keep us alive and on our toes. We sure think God placed you ever so perfectly into our little family unit and we would not be complete without you.

We love you so. You may be just the most unique little chunk that there ever has been.

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