Sunday, April 3, 2011


Online shopping needs to happen in moderation here at my house! It is quickly turning into an addiction. Have I mentioned how smitten I am with Target?

Of course it is (one of) my "go to" baby store!

Today, I am even more head over heels for this store. Maybe its because I just bought 17 clothing items for little girls that are ALL to DIE for for $100.00 (huge sale going on) AND what a better bonus than FREE SHIPPING!

My online shopping cart was just full of cuteness. Can't wait to put my girls in their new outfits. Shopping for them is way more fun than shopping for myself!

Next on the list: bathing suits! :)

The girls summer playtime wardrobe may just be complete!

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The Myers said...

Fun! Fun! Love me some Target! Watch out for going crazy on those swimming suits as well. :) They are precious and some how I ended up with (3) already? Seriously?! What does Camryn need (3) swimming suits for? Super fun though. :)