Thursday, September 13, 2012

Concrete and a garden hose

Laynee sleeps a lot y'all. And I am not complaining. She can handle about 50 minutes of wake time right now before becoming overtired.

The two big girls think all the sleep is for the birds. So we have to get creative when it comes to fun at home.

We have had some fun in the front yard- and thankfully Ans and Kens are not too high maintenance and have big imaginations.

You would not believe how much fun a slab of concrete (in the version of our driveway and the of foundation for the beginning of the house being built next door) and a garden hose (turned off) can be.

It was a tight rope.

It was a gas pump for a while.

Then a seatbelt for safety's sake.

It was a heavy load.

We had very own dance recital.

Dancing some more...

Who would have thought that concrete and a garden hose could wear these two out before making it back inside?!

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Ronnie and Christen said...

What little cuties!!! So glad there outfits we're matching today too! Can't take pics without matching outfits!