Saturday, September 15, 2012

Just a Few Thoughts.

I told Tyler I wanted to maybe think about the idea
of me looking for a job here in Brownwood.
He rolled his eyes,
"yeah right."
and then laughed.
that was all - his only response.
He then carried on as if I had never had the
thought at all.

I just love when people say,
"Oh, if you breastfeed, you will lose that baby weight in no time."
You retain water and your body stores extra fat for your baby.
So burning calories is canceled out.
That is my experience
*not scientifically sound information*

I have 1 less arm than I do children.
This does not serve me well.

This is the status of my laundry:
1 basket ready to be washed.
One in the washer.
One in the dryer.
One being folded.
Pile on the bathroom floor.

The iphone 5 will change my life.
If not, I hold Apple responsible.

Oh I am looking forward to fall TV.
What is up with Biggest Loser not starting until January?
This paired with your poor coverage of the Olympics this summer
holds you second to ABC in our home.
Second because we love The Voice right now.

Dunkin' Donuts Coffee
really, truly, is as good as the 
commercial says it is.
 I can't get enough  - 
try it.

I need a vacation.
Until then, my outlet will be 
this very blog.
Read at your own discretion.

1 comment:

Elizabeth said...

Yeah that breastfeeding comment is annoying. It puts too much pressure on myself to lose the weight instead of enjoying the process. Grr. I've already accepted that I may not be the size I was before I got pregnant but you know I have a beautiful baby girl to make up for it. Oh and that is annoying about The Biggest Loser. Lame NBC- very lame.