Friday, September 7, 2012

Is giving my best good enough?

Since sweet Laynee will likely be our last babe
I find myself staring at her a little closer.
Part of me needs to hold her longer 
because I will never have a 5 week and 3 day old again.

With that being said - 
We have run out of our "new baby adrenaline"
as I like to call it.

We are starting to run on fumes around here 
which timed out well with her having a really past 24 hours.

I feel like I am frantically thumbing through the files
in my newborn directory of info.
Guess I am missing a few!

I was holding my breath to get to 6 weeks - 
as 6 weeks seems to be a big time for a baby.
Usually the 6th week marks a big growth spurt.

She for sure has already had a growth spurt - 
around 3 weeks, which is typical too,
but this one is a doosey.

She has now for the first time:
woke every hour in the night after 1 am.
woke early from each nap during the day.
stayed awake twice now from feeding to feeding.
had trouble putting herself to sleep

the past few days has given me a little teaser
of what Kens' newborn days were like

Since I have done this 3 times, I am doing my very best
to remember I will never get this time back.
that it will end.
I am not starting bad habits.
she isn't broken.
she will not be 2 years old and
waking to be fed.
Tyler and I will sleep again.

So here I am trying to decide between:
wonder week
growth spurt
low milk supply
could it be a mild form of colic?

why can't she just send me a quick text to tell me 
what to expect and how to help her through?

That would be nice.

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