Friday, August 16, 2013

Laynee is 1!

Oh my goodness!
July 31st marked by youngest babes very
1st birthday!

Can't believe she is on her way to toddlerhood!
What a whirlwind of a year it has been!

One year ago - 
I posted this pic for the world to see her sweet face for the first time

She was 5 lbs and 12 ounces of pure sweetness.
She looked so much like her big sister girls - but we were not surprised about that.

She didn't want to nurse, because sleep was the only thing her tiny body 
thought it needed! Bless her heart - we ran her ragged that day trying.
She came out of the womb needing a fingernail clipping
The moment they lifted her little purple body over the cover for me to see, 
I was hooked. She had me. She still does.

Over this year - we have transitioned so much!
She went from 5-6 naps, and is now down to 2.
She transitioned from nursing to a bottle.
She started sleeping all night long around 8-9 weeks.
She went from sleeping in our room to her own crib in her room at 7 weeks.
She loved a swaddle, and we broke her of that at 21 weeks. 
Her hardest time was 4.5-6 months. The dreaded Wonder Week 19 
was not kind to her at all. 
Her sweetest time was 6-8 months.
She went 7 days straight during this time without crying 1 time. 
I almost took her to the doctor to make sure her "cry" still worked.
(No worries. It did. Still does.)
During this time, she went from 3 - 2 naps, 
and handled that transition very well. 
She crawled at 8 months.
She got her first tooth at 6 months
Now at 12 months, she has 6 teeth (4 top, 2 bottom)
and a 7th coming in on the bottom. 
She takes a few steps here and there - I would NOT consider her walking.
She loves to talk! She loves to wave.
She loves to eat. Clapping is still her favorite.

Here we go. Toddlerhood is always a special time. 
I am seeing HUGE signs of a strong willed little thing blooming in her.
Someone already knows how to make her voice be heard among the sisters.
Can't wait to see who she becomes to be!

Happy 1st birthday to our sweet baby Tiny!
We are so thankful for the way she has completed our family!

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