Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Our First 2 days!

Anslee has had an amazing past two days! Sweet girl is already learning tons, and nothing is more precious to see!

Yesterday, was her first full day at Cross Classical with her teacher and her class. Her day began with the chapel service. (Mamas get to stay for this part!) we did the pledges (pledge of Allegiance, Pledge to the Christian Flag, Pledge to the Bible) we recited the first 2 verses of Proverbs 3. By the end of this year- they will have memorized all of Proverbs 3. (35 verses). It is always encouraging knowing their school day starts with Reverence for The Lord- seeking him first for the wisdom and knowledge they will gain during the day.

Then- throughout the day their teacher had many learning activities for them. They are starting with learning about the 7 days of creation (we are memorizing at great song about it to the tune of "are you sleeping?") Then they followed up with math and reading and recess!

I got these pictures texted to me from the day!

I got a great report at the end of the day. Though I was worried- as we had a little episode in chapel. All the new students were introduced in front of the school and given a gift. All the other children walked back nicely and quietly to their seats and Anslee just got uncomfortable and naturally just laid down in front of the entire school. Her teacher swooped her up, and apparently- she was good to go after that.

Today was our first day at home. It was probably 3 hours total of instruction time at our table. We also began with prayer and bible verse memory. We talked about creation and reviewed the creation song. Then- we got our quarter mile run in!

This girl loves some run time! She took off at the high school track and did not stop! In a dress and everything! Me and the sister girls just walked behind her. She wanted to keep going, but Laynee needed a nap- and the football team was standing in the field right next to us running drills. It felt weird- so I wanted to leave.

Here is what most of the day looked like!


^she will present her "all about me" report to her class tomorrow!

I loved this^activity. I got clothespins and wrote the letters on them (upper and lowercase- apparently, that's of value...ha!) and she had to match the letters on a piece of paper and place the matching letters together. They did this in her classroom, too- and I just made a non fancy version of this for at home! Fine motor and letter instruction in one activity!

Kensington really enjoyed being involved. She is learning the verses and songs right alongside Ans. Her brain actually catches on quicker than Anslee's sometimes!

While reading our bible story- Kens wanted to read a bible story to her baby-

On another note- this kid is half monkey. Her crib is lowered- and here she is. Perched herself right on up- and yes, she climbed out during nap time yesterday and crawled right up to me. I was in the kitchen- under the full notion she was asleep.

Well! We are ready for day 2 at school tomorrow! :)

Shea Moses
Rodan and Fields Executive Consultant

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Amber Ruth said...

Oh this is so great!! You know I love all this haha!! Praying for you, looking forward to hearing more about her school, sounds so awesome,