Saturday, August 24, 2013

Random Shorts

Laynee is at an awkward stage of life.
I am specifically referring to the nature of her hair.
Too short to be pulled up with a bow.
Too long for headbands (hair sticks out in the most awful way)
Both the big girls went through this. Hated it then,
hate it now.

If you know me, you know I am particular about a few things.
As girl mom, its hair. 
Parts need to be straight. No bumps allowed. A bow always.
Laynee's awkward hair phase is putting a kink in our style.
Still as cute as ever though. No doubt on that.

Found this little back to school gem.
Fits perfectly into the insulated lunch box.
3 different compartments for full meals at school.
Freezer block on the bottom.
All the compartments fit like a puzzle piece on each other.
Most organized this mama has ever done lunch.

Been catching sticky hands in the sugar bowl lately.

Super Star mama.

Sweetest sister hugs right in front of the 
biggest mess. How we do.

Never too early to be practicing selfies.
I find photos of the like on my phone.

They don't look like grandparents.

School starts Monday. Tuesday We will begin working at home.
I have a feeling this will be normal school time behavior at our house.

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