Wednesday, March 9, 2016

BFBN Week: Emily with dropping the last MOTN Feed!

Dropping that last middle of the night feed can be a tricky thing! You wonder if they are truly hungry, waking out of habit, or second guess yourself on if they need a full feed at this point. This feed is usually dropped in healthy babies anywhere from 10 - 14 weeks usually (or has been in my home!) and can take a few days for baby get the hang of.

Today, Emily, at Journey of Parenthood is talking us all through knowing its time to drop that last middle of the night feed, and how to do it effectively. Emily clues us into dealing with that frustrating time of 5-6 am when the baby might wake and be ready to feed - but you want to begin your day at least at 7 am and how to make them stretch. She dabbles into practicing the cry it out method during this transition, and also the benefit (and risk!) of using sleep props to help your baby drop this feeding!

Head on over to Emily's blog at the live link above and read more in detail how to ditch that last sleepy feed in the middle of the night!

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