Thursday, March 10, 2016

BFBN Week: FAQ's from Carrie and Stephanie

Continuing on with Babywise Friendly Blog Network Week, today you will want to visit Carrie and Stephanie's blogs!

Carrie is asked a lot about scheduling her day with her 4 kids! She is going to walk you through how she gets started with this in the beginning and how she stays consistent long term with her family's schedule. As a baby outgrows a particular schedule due to their sleep needs changing you will need to make tweaks and adjustments to your schedule and Carrie discusses how she does this smoothly. Carrie will talk about the flexibility that can come with sticking to a nice schedule that works for the entire family. All your scheduling questions can be answered over at Wiley Adventures!

When you are finished there, head over to Giving it Grace and read what Stephanie has to say about stopping unwanted toddler behavior. I really loved the thoughts she had in regard to naughty toddler behavior. She says, "In our home, disobedience or naughty behavior either means I'm not being clear enough with what's expectedor I'm not being swift enough with discipline." I really like how she takes the perspective of a parents actions fueling disobedience. Not saying that bad behavior can't originate from a toddler just learning how to act properly and follow rules - but just saying that maybe we can change our own behavior to get a different outcome from our toddler. Stephanie also gives great tips about removing a toddler from their "stage" or setting for toddler tantrums. Her son struggled at the dinner table, so for a few days she and her son ate on the floor. Genius! The table was his "stage" so she removed that and saw progress when she did! Go read more! You will be glad you did!

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