Tuesday, June 28, 2011

5 months old!

9 days ago, Kensington turned 5 months old. 5 months! That means next month my baby Kensington will be half of a year old! Unbelievable. Thats what I think of that.

When I think back to 5 months ago, the picture that I have of Kensington in my head is so different than the one I have of her today. In just 5 months so many changes have taken place. Physically, of course, she looks NOTHING like she did as a newborn.

Here she is, 1 week old.

and here we are, exactly 5 months later.

But its mostly in personality where the big changes have taken place. Seriously.

My colic stricken Kensington is now the happiest and most smiley child I have ever seen. Its so much easier to get a picture of her sweet grin than her sisters. Crying now only happens when she needs something or when she is fighting sleep. Boy oh boy is she a fighter.

This little stinker is the queen of rolling around. You would think that she was never content in one position because just like in the womb, she moves her little body non stop!

Crawling is in our near future. Ugh. I wish I could say we were slow on this one, because I am busy enough chasing sister around. I will REALLY have to be on my toes when this one takes off, and I know its just around the corner.

Food is her favorite. I have been sure of this since her first time to nurse, which was 1 hour post delivery. We have just recently added a little more than breast milk to her diet, which she has NOT protested in any way. Sweet girl, can pack away the food. Just another obvious difference from the big sister girl, who could care less if she had a meal all day.

Anslee, of course, is a part of all of Kensington's firsts. Kensington would not have it any other way!


5 month favorites:

The way she stares in amazement at Anslee
The open mouth, gummy, extra slobbery kisses
The wild hair (this has been a favorite every month)
How easy it is to feed her
The non stop smiles
The rolls that go on and on. and on.
The belly laugh

So proud of how far this monkey girl has come. She is a new baby from 2 months ago and so easy to love. What an answer to prayer. I love you my little stinker, Kensington Kay!

Can't wait to what tricks she will pull out of her sleeve next!

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