Sunday, June 12, 2011

5:30 pm.

Friends. This is what 5:30 pm looks like when you refuse the beloved afternoon nap.

The only logical thing to do is catch a short snooze in the car of all places, right?

If that doesn't work, the living room floor is always a good choice. Must have blanket and Brown Bear. Uh oh. Where is Brown Bear.

Mad dash to find him. He was still sleeping in the car.

If your tiny, its 5:30 pm, and you have been refusing sleep since 2:00 pm, you just cry. Cry is not the right word. Scream fits better, but still not good enough.

and throw in the pout, just because its cute.

*disclaimer* I do have happy children, though my recent posts have captured their less than flattering moments. Will make a point to focus more on the positive. Like when we nap.

do you people now see why I believe that naps are good for the mind, body, and soul? I am a proud nap nazi and I have the other 99.9% of their (happier) moments that keep us in right nap alignment.

Now you know.