Sunday, June 5, 2011


Isn't the start of summer just the best? Clearly, all seasons come with their flairs of exciting things to look forward too, but I especially like summer. Its so nice to just have to slip sandals on the girls and go. Love it.

We started to start off this season celebrating simple with having friends over for burgers. Would you believe we had nearly 20 kiddos running around here? All ranging in age from 4 months to 5 years. What a crew!

No one left hungry, thats for sure!

Everything was good to go except for the enormous amount of flies that crashed the party...

oh, and my unfortunate flower arranging skills. They turned out nothing like what I had dreamed up in this little head of mine. The poor roses' just could not hang on to dear life.

Nothing is more fun that getting together with friends!

Kensington was so thrilled to see Addi, that she handed over her thumb for Addi to suck on. I think this seals the deal on friendship!

God bless my sweet friends who had to deal with the crazy camera lady who insisted every family get a picture before the night was over!

The Blong family. A newly potty trained Caleb included! There may not be anyone wiser in the ways if mommyhood thank Lori. Not to mention her craftiness. Wish I could steal some of her skills. Doesn't the city of Abilene bring a bond to all who have lived there? Jared and I both grew up there, so naturally our families had to be fast friends!

The Roberts Family. Thanks to Jill I am getting back in shape. Thanks to Steve for any future bone surgeries we might need. OK, hopefully not, but just in case...we are glad to know him!

The Marshall Family. Could be some of the sweetest 4 people I know. Love having our kids at basically the exact same age. So much to share!

The Thompson Family. 3 kids! How does Andrea look like a fitness instructor after 3? Oh, thats because she is one.

We just think the Oplotniks are fantastic. Jon made some awesome stuffed peppers and Shantel just looks like a rock star. 2 cute boys later, and you have one precious family!

The Wolf Family. Love these guys. Wyatt and Anslee are buds from school and Loren keeps our necks and spine all in good alignment. Kaylee is super mom and somehow gets both her kids to love food items like parsnips and kale. Or something like that.

I remember when I heard the McCormicks were moving from Abilene to Brownwood I jumped for joy. We sure love these two, and were so glad to share our Wednesday night college group with them!

Here is the crazy Moses Family. They are complete mess, nothing like all these other precious families. At least we all made it into the same photograph this time though!

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