Thursday, May 26, 2011

2 Year and 4 Month well check

It was well check day all around for the little Moses Girls. These visits are never fun, but a yummy red sucker can make any doctor visit worth it, right?

Since Anslee went to the doctor right before she turned 2 they said it was not necessary for to come back until May.

At 34 inches tall and 24.6 lbs she is in the 25th percentile for height and 10th percentile for weight. Skinny little girl. The doctor said she was good and healthy and so pleased with how she was learning and what her capabilities were.

It was nice to be able to kill two birds with one stone in this visit. We had Kensington's 4 month well check right along with big sisters.

Anslee was showing Kensington the ropes of the doctors office.

Kensington is doing great too! She is 13 lbs and 24 inches long. She is in the 25th percentile for both height and weight.

Sweet girl thinks getting shots is for the birds.

She is still doing great, continuing to grab for toys like a little champ. Her newest tick though is rolling herself around.

She flops around like a fish out of water these days!

Going from this...

to this in no time flat.

Gone are the days of leaving her laying happily on the ottoman while I take Anslee to the bathroom or throw something away. She would be rolling off the edge before I would even know it!

Kensington has regressed horribly on sleep. Poor girl can't understand what good shut eye would do for her sweet soul. Last night we were up 9 times. Are you kidding me? As much I love seeing her pretty face, 3 am is never the appropriate time to play (or eat!)

Oh I would pay a million bucks that I don't have for a full nights rest. It will come. My spirited little girl!

Oh so blessed to be the mother of these two little beauties. Best friends to be!

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