Saturday, May 28, 2011

Little Eyes.

Do you remember this post?

I was so scared of having two kiddos. I was terrified that I would find myself neglecting one of them. I had felt the love of child, and thought it surely was not possible to have love like that again.

Boy was I wrong. And anxious about the best thing that could have happened to our family!

Having two has been every bit of exhausting. Let me just tell you it has been double the love and double the fun.

Now how in the world could I have ever worried that love could ever be lopsided around here?

How incredibly blessed am I? Well, I will tell you. I am way more blessed than I should be and that one thing I am just certain of.

Dierks Bentley said it best. This life of mine should belong to a better believer.

I just do not deserve the love the Lord has given me through the two little lives that I get to have a hand in shaping and molding.

I watched the two of them "play" this afternoon.

This is what I saw.

Kensington literally did not take her pretty little eyes off of her big sister for the entire time she played with her baby doll's potty.

I can think of no better person for Kensington to look up too. What a special thing having a sister is. Its one thing I don't know anything about, but I am getting my chance to learn through them. Oh. So. Sweet.

Yesterday I looked over to see Anslee talking to Kensington. She said, "Say Anslee." She repeated this about 73409834 times.

I think I would rather hear Kensington say Anslee than Mama. I kid you not, there would be nothing more precious to hear.

I just love when Anslee starts to interact with or talk to Kensington, because its almost always an instant smile. She knows and loves big sis so much already!

My heart melted when Asnlee walked into the living room the other day, squated her little toosh next too the bouncer chair Kensington was sitting in and said " I lobe you so Much Tinkinson" (I think we should change Kensingtons name to this, since this is what Anslee calls her).

I never realized the blessing that comes with watching your children become friends. I am convinced that even at Kensingtons young age, friends they are and friends they will be!

Long gone are all the silly fears of having two. Now, its just twice the goodness.

Praise Jesus for both sets of these little eyes, and all that they will see.

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