Friday, May 13, 2011

Privacy Please!

What a BIG week we have had thus far! Its been nothing short of exciting for all in the Moses household!

We took off the last diaper that Anslee would ever wear on Monday morning at 10:30 am when we got home from shopping for the BIG day essentials!

We bought 60+ pair of panties. Of course she chose the pairs that have every favorite characters: Dora, Disney Princess, and Minnie Mouse. I loaded up the cart with all kinds of apple juice, capri sun roarin' water, (what better way to make for lots of training opportunities?) oreos, animal crackers, and somehow frosted oatmeal cookies found their way in too. We also picked out the Disney Princess rolling backpack, some glitter paper and markers, and of course the layer and stack foam stickers for prizes to get excited about!

She is a BIG girl now, and her mama is as proud as she could ever be.

All you mama's can agree that every milestone met is one to be celebrated. Its my opinion that using the potty is the mother of all milestones in these early years and it was one that intimidated me more than anything. I just can't believe she is has taken this huge leap in life. My baby she is no longer!!

Here is my princess on her throne.

I know. 15 years from now, she is going to kill me for posting this, but I could not help myself. Have you ever seen such multitasking?

We had the little potty chair in the living room for days 1 and 2 to make for easy access, but by day 3 the potty moved back to its home in the bathroom.

We had a lot of accidents on day 1. Thats it. We have nothing to report after that. The paticular method we used really worked for us and I am so glad!

Now, on day 5, she will go to the bathroom without even asking us to take her. She will go places outside of the house (church, friends house, etc). She keeps her bed dry through naps and night time. I just can't get over how big she is and how proud I am of her.

We waited for accidents to happen. We wanted them to happen so we could use them immediately as a path for correction and training. Its amazing how when you are waiting for them to have an accident, you don't/can't get frustrated about it. We never stressed or got discouraged. The experience was everything that I thought it would not be.

I dreaded potty training more than any mama on this planet. On Sunday night, I had a change of heart, and became excited to watch and usher my baby into childhood. I thoroughly enjoyed the journey and have learned to trust Anslee in a whole new way. I know she will let me know when her body is telling her to move it to the potty. I have faith in her like I have never had before. She never ceases to amaze me.

We are so proud of you, our sweet, precious, BIG girl!


Amber Ruth said...

way to go anslee!! and you def need to post what method u used! =) does baby wise touch on this??

The Myers said...

Wow! Way to go Anslee! I've got to know what method you used as well. We're not too far off of potty training ourselves. Are you glad you waited until after Kensington was born? That's our big debate now. Would love your thoughts.

Jules said...

That picture cracks me up! Yay Ans! And Yay for you and Tyler!!! This just totally amazes me. I'm so clueless!!!! haha... I'm just glad it went so well for y'all! And IF possibly I EVER get to this stage in life, glad I can call you for help! Ha! Love you!