Monday, May 16, 2011

Ruth's Crew and Rancho Loma

Our weekend was full of fun and all with family. It started off bright and early Saturday morning in Coleman for the annual Cancer Walk.

This year, the walk was a little more important to the family, as Tyler's aunt Ruth has been diagnosed with breast cancer.

One thing that has drawn me to Tyler's family is their togetherness. My goodness, these people depend on one another to do life. I love being included in that.

This stands ESPECIALLY true when times get tough. Cancer, in my eyes, is nothing short of devastating and terrifying. When Ruth was diagnosed, the family again came together in prayer and support in all forms.

We all walked with more pep in our step this year, because we were doing it for Ruth. I also did it in honor of my late Grandmother, who passed away 11 months ago from liver cancer. I hate this disease more than most would ever know.

All of Ruth's Crew, along with her and her husband, Nick.

The Girls were so excited to join in the fun!

One of our only family photos that includes all 4 of us!

Of course they hired the most handsome Trooper in all of Texas to direct traffic

Aunt Jacy cant get enough of these little nieces of hers

Neither can Ninny and PaPa

The courageous walk honoree with her sweet Husband (and 4th time elected Mayor of Coleman) Nick Poldrack

After the walk, we headed back to Tyler's parents house for a BBQ with the entire extended family. Almost everyone in the family was there. It was an absolute blast!

We ended Saturday evening with dinner at Texas's best kept secret fine dining Ranch. Rancho Loma.

Rancho Loma is one of those places that never advertises, doesn't put up signs, you have to hear about it from someone else. They are located on a ranch house on a dirt road off of an old county road in coleman.

I can honestly say, my taste buds enjoyed a little piece of heaven while eating there, and its not even all about the food, its about the entire experience. You walk around, enjoy the view from their porch while you sip on wine, tea, or water. It takes about 3 hours to eat there.

The only sign, at the entrance of their Ranch.

I had my first enjoyable taste of wine. Jacy and Brian went to Napa and brought back some that I actually thought was tasty.

(no worries, I pumped and dumped.)

The garden. They grow their own veggies.

Tyler and I. We hardly ever get to take pictures together anymore!

Tyler enjoying the beautiful view

Seated and ready to eat. is what we enjoyed

Quail with spicy quail glaze. Beyond amazing.

Pasta. I literally licked the bowl clean. Would you not?

Porterhouse Steak. Tenderloin. Bread. Gralic. Delicious.

Potatoes! YUM!

Chocolate Creamosa topped with olive oil and salt and paired with coffee grounds and espresso cream.

They are building on to their property right now, and making their ranch into a sweet bed and breakfast that wills soon have the capability to "house" 5 different guests.

You eat there by reservation only, and their menu is available online just 1 week before it is served that next weekend. I totally recommend this place to anyone who has the time to go. Its incredible.

All of this in one day! Whew. I am tired again just thinking about it. Thank you Ninny for taking care of the girls while we had a night out!

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